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Closing Scramble

Registration Now Open – Sign up Today!
Registration Deadline September 25th!
Entry Fee: $50++ [Golf & Dinner]*
Shotgun 1:30pm

This tournament has been put in place to include everyone at the club without any pressure. This is a fun event that will allow each of you to meet new people and enjoy a new format that not many have played. It is designed to be quick so we aren’t out there all day grinding over shots.


Team Selection and Handicapping

Registrants can sign up as 1, 2, 3, or 4 players. We will pair those up who haven’t signed up as a foursome with others. We will  take the combined handicap of all four players and use 20% to calculate their team handicap. We will not round these numbers to help in an event of a tie. Total score less your team handicap will determine the winner.


Closing Scramble Format – Step-Aside Scramble

Each player will tee of on every hole. The team will select the tee shot they want and whoever hit that shot will step-aside and not hit the following shot. The three other players will hit the second shot and choose the best one. The person who hits the second shot will not hit the third shot but the person who hit the drive will hit the third shot. This will continue until the ball is holed. There will always be three people hitting a shot.


*Weekend fee applies to participants without the weekend package.



Dinner Buffet @ 6pm


Buttered Herb & Garlic Bread

Baguette/ Compound Butter

Caesar Salad

SH Buttermilk Dressing/ Romaine/ Parmesan/ Homestyle Croutons

Cheese Tortellini

Rose/ Herbs/ Mozzarella/ Parmesan Panko Crust

Veal Scallopini

Mushroom/ Herbs/ Demi-glace

Chicken Parmigiano

Herb Breaded Chicken/ Marinara/ Mozzarella/ Parmesan

Grilled Rapini

Garlic/ Chili/ Lemon Zest/ EVOO


Crisp Sweet Shell/ Ricotta/ Chocolate


Event Date(s):

Saturday October 1st

Registration Deadline:

September 25th @ 5:00 pm

Entry Fee:

$50 ++

Additional Info:

Additional $40 per round for those without the weekend package.


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