Course Handicap and Handicap Index
  • A player is entitled to handicap strokes based on his or her course handicap and the difficulty rating of the hole being played
  • The difficulty rating or handicap rating for each hole appears on the scorecard and is identified as “Handicap Men” or “Handicap Ladies”. Holes are rated 1-18 with 1 being the hardest
  • Handicap strokes are allocated based on the hole handicap rating. For example, a player with a 24 handicap receives 24 strokes for their round. The player would therefore receive Two strokes on the six most difficult holes (as per the ratings on the scorecard) and 1 stroke on each of the remaining holes


The difference between Handicap and Handicap Index
  • Handicap is a general term for a golfer’s average score in relation to par. It is calculated by using a player’s Handicap Index and the “course / slope” rating of the course being played.
  • Handicap Index is the measure of a player’s demonstrated ability and is used to calculate the player’s handicap. It is administered by GOLF CANADA and is calculated to one decimal point.
  • Handicap Index is calculated using the lowest 8 of the player’s most recent 20 scores and is updated each time a player enters a score. This index can travel with the player to other courses.
  • Your Handicap Index can be found at the top of the Golf Canada page that appears when you sign on



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