How to Proceed if you hit your ball “in a bunker”


  • A ball is in a bunker when any part of the ball touches the sand on the ground inside the bunker or is inside the edge of the bunker and rests on ground where sand normally would be.
  • Before playing a ball in a bunker, a player may remove loose impediments and movable obstructions.
  • Before making a stroke at a ball in a bunker a player must NOT deliberately touch sand in the bunker with a hand, club, rake or other object to test the condition of the sand. In addition, the club must NOT touch the sand when taking a practice swing or during the backswing of the stroke.
  • If a player declares their ball “unplayable” in a bunker, the relief options and penalties are as follows:
    – Replay the shot from where it was hit (one stroke)
    – Drop the ball no nearer the hole in the bunker (one stroke)
    – Drop the ball outside the bunker, in a spot that keeps the point of where the ball was found, in line with the hole (two Strokes)



Sleepy Hollow Handicap Committee



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