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How to Proceed if you hit your ball “into a penalty area”
  • Penalty areas may be marked by either red or yellow lines or stakes. When your ball lies within a penalty area, you may play it as it lies or take relief outside of the penalty area under a penalty of one stroke
  • For either red or yellow areas, you can 1) play from where your last stroke was made (stroke and distance) or 2) take “back of line” relief by going back as far as you like on the line between the hole and the point of where your ball last crossed the edge of the penalty area
  • In a “red” marked penalty area, there is one additional option. You may take lateral relief by dropping the ball within two club lengths of where your ball last crossed into the penalty area but no closer to the hole.
  • The ball must be dropped from knee height and remain within the area of relief (two club lengths). Should the ball not stay in the area of relief it should be re-dropped. After the second attempt, if the ball does not remain in the area of relief, the ball is to be placed on the spot where it first touched the ground in the relief area on the second drop.



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