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How to Proceed if you hit your ball “OUT OF BOUNDS”
  • A ball is “out of bounds” when it lies fully on the line or beyond the area marked with white stakes or a white line. The out of bounds penalty is applicable “even if the ball is playable”. If any part of the ball is touching the course, even if part of the ball is touching the line it is NOT out of bounds.
  • The penalty for hitting a shot out of bounds is “STROKE AND DISTANCE” which means you must add one stroke to your score and hit again from the spot where your original shot was played.
  • Some courses allow a player to take relief (with a penalty of two strokes) at the point where the ball went out of bounds, but that is an “OPTIONAL LOCAL RULE” and Sleepy Hollow HAS NOT adopted this rule.
  • In order to maintain pace of play, if a player isn’t sure that their ball is out of bounds, they should play a “provisional” ball from the place where they hit the original spot. When they reach the area where the original shot came to rest;
    • If the original shot is “in bounds” they should play that ball and pick up the provisional ball. No penalty.
    • If the original shot is “out of bounds” they should add a one stroke penalty to their score (which also includes the original shot) and continue to play the second ball that they put into play


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