HDCP Committee

Score Postings

You should post your scores on the day played, because your Handicap Index will be calculated after each day of play. It is the responsibility of each player to post his or her score immediately after play.

If 13 or more holes are played the player must post an 18-hole score. If 7-12 holes are played, the player must post a 9-hole score. In either case, scores for unplayed holes must be recorded as par plus any handicap strokes that the player is entitled to receive on the unplayed holes.

The only scores that should NOT be posted are ones that are played in a non- traditional format. The most common examples would be when playing in a scramble or in an alternate shot game. If you are not sure if a score should be posted or not, you can check with the staff in the pro shop or ask any member of the Handicap Committee.



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