HDCP Committee

How to Proceed if you hit your ball “out of bounds”


  • The penalty for hitting a shot of bounds is “STROKE AND DISTANCE” which means you must add one stroke to your score and hit again from the spot where your original shot was played.


  • Some courses allow a player to take relief (with a penalty of two strokes) at the point where the ball went out of bounds, but that is a “LOCAL RULE”. Sleepy Hollow HAS NOT adopted this rule.


  • In order to maintain the pace of play, if a player isn’t sure that their ball may be out of bounds, they should play a “provisional” ball from the place where they hit the original spot. When they reach the area where the original shot came to rest;

–  If the original shot is “in bounds” they should play that ball and pick up the provisional ball. No penalty.
–  If the original shot is “out of bounds” they should add a one stroke penalty to their score and continue to play the second ball that they put into play



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