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To All Sleepy Hollow Members


As we approach the new season at Sleepy Hollow, the Handicap Committee for 2024…Tom Worsley, Florence Marquis, Judy McDougall and Mel Reingold would like to emphasize the responsibilities of the Members and the Handicap Committee at our club.


The mandate of the Handicap Committee is to attempt to ensure the accuracy of the handicaps of all our members and that Sleepy Hollow complies with the requirements of Golf Canada and the World Handicap System. (WHS)


To achieve the above mandate, there are two main requirements that we must ask of our members,

Players must strive to make the best possible score on every hole played.
Players must post the score of all games that are played under the rules of golf.


It is strongly recommended that scores be posted hole by hole. Posting hole by hole will calculate a more accurate handicap index and it also assists the club in the rating of the holes.


To be eligible for Club Tournament Play, members must have a “Current” Golf Canada Handicap index. To maintain a current Index, players are required to post all acceptable scores from any course played.


Anyone registering for Match Play or club tournaments will have their postings reviewed. If it is determined that your handicap index is not current, you may be required to play the competition with a 0 handicap.


Another purpose of the Handicap Committee is to communicate with and educate the membership on any matters that relate to the World Handicap System. On this note, Golf Canada has made a couple of changes to the WHS effective with the 2024 season. Within the next couple of weeks, the committee will be sending out a communication to explain these changes as well as listing websites that can be visited to learn more details if needed.


Please feel free to reach out to any member of the committee should you have any questions or concerns.



Sleepy Hollow Handicap Committee



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