Winter League

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Winter League

Winter Simulator Weekly League and Club Championship – Register Now!

What is it?

We will be running a weekly league event that will start the week of Jan 10th and run for 10 consecutive weeks. There will be a year end tournament for the 8 top players*


League Package for 10 weeks – $120
Weekly Pay as You Go – $20
Weekly Specials

A weekly restaurant food & beverage special will be available exclusively to Winter League Members!


How It Works
Weekly rounds
  • Weekly rounds will run from Tuesday to Sunday
  • Each week will be a different course.
  • All participating players will announce to staff member that they are entering their weekly round prior to the session 
  • Game Settings: “10 foot” gimmes, no mulligans, pin placement “Easy”, no wind
  • Men will use white tees, ladies will use red tee’s
  • Golf Canada handicaps will be used at 75%.   
  • Top net scores and top gross score will be paid using a percentage of the weekly pool.
Weekly Prizes
  • 35% of Prize pool to top net score (using 75% of your GC handicap)
  • 20% of Prize pool to 2nd place net score (using 75% of your GC handicap)
  • 10% of Prize pool to 3rd place net score (using 75% of your GC handicap)
  • 25% of Prize pool to top gross score (No handicaps)
  • 10% of prize pool will be moved to the year end tournament pot.
Example – If the fees allocated to the pot for a week are $300.   
  • $105 to Top Net, $60 to 2nd, $30 to 3rd, and $75 to Top gross
  • The remaining $30 will go to the year end championship tourney.
Year End Championship Round
  • You must have at least 5 weekly rounds to be eligible for the year end round. If you play more than 5 weeks, your top 5 rounds will be used to determine your net score and ranking.
  • Top 8 players with the lowest net score will play in a final year end round (End of March/April TBD)   
  • The final round will be played on both sims at the same time.
  • The top 3 players will be paid the balance of the year end pot (Based on weekly collections)
Results & communication
  • Scorecard photos to be submitted to for each round completed and must be received by 9pm Sunday 
  • Weekly Emails with updates and results will be sent to each participant of the competition every Monday
  • Prizing will be allocated to Credit Book accordingly Bi-weekly
  • Full season final results to be sent following Year End Championship Round
Registration required.
Time slot availability will be managed through the online booking system.


*Based on participation, Rules & Format subject to change.

Winter League

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