Handicap System

World Handicap System Score Posting Policy


1. Players must post all scores of rounds that have been played under the Rules of Golf.  This posting is done on the “Golf Canada Score Centre Website or App” and can be done using the computer in the Pro Shop or on a personal device. A member of the Handicap Committee or the Pro Shop can assist you if needed.


2. A player should post their score as soon as possible on the day of play, after completion of their round, and before midnight.  This will allow their Handicap Index to be updated in time for the next day of play and have their score included in the daily Playing Conditions Calculations (PCC).


3. It is recommended to post scores “hole by hole” for more accurate handicap index calculation. Also, the posting of scores “hole by hole” assists in the accurate rating of the course.


4. If a player plays 7 to 13 holes, a “Nine Hole Score” must be posted; 14 or more holes played require that an “Eighteen Hole Score” be posted.


5. For any holes that are not played or not played under the Rules of Golf, you must post a score of NET PAR. Net Par is the Par of the hole PLUS any handicap strokes that you are entitled to receive for that hole.


6. For holes that are unfinished or strokes that are conceded, post your “most likely score” for the hole or “Net Double Bogey”, whichever is lower. The “most likely score” is the actual number of strokes taken PLUS the estimated number of strokes needed to finish the hole from that position.


7. If a round is played alone (under the Rules of Golf) the score should be posted but identified as being played alone on the posting website. Also, any round considered a “practice round” should be posted if the round was played under the Rules of Golf. For example, if more than one ball is played in a practice round, the score should not be posted.


8. For examples of rounds played that SHOULD NOT be posted, please refer to Rule 2 in the World Handicap System “Rules of Handicapping” manual. The most common examples would be a round in which you do not play your own ball (such as a scramble), or a round not played under the Rules of Golf


9. The maximum score for any hole is limited to a Net Double Bogey, calculated as follows:
Par + 2 + handicap strokes a player receives based on their Course Handicap


PLEASE NOTE: If a player fails to post an acceptable score without a valid reason or willingly attempts to avoid complying with the World Handicap System, the Handicap Committee may take necessary action, such as applying an appropriate penalty score or the removal of a players handicap.



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