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Year End Report

2023 Season Ending Report from the Handicap Committee

The role of the Handicap Committee is to ensure that the Handicap Guidelines of Golf Canada and the Golf Association of Ontario (GAO) are followed at Sleepy Hollow.


The committee consisted of four club members, Florence Marquis, Judy McDougall, Mel Reingold and Tom Worsley. The Head Pro is also a de-facto member of the committee. Tom Worsley chaired the committee this season.


The committee met monthly from April to October.

The key function of the committee is to attempt to ensure the integrity of the handicaps of our members. This is done by reviewing the Golf Canada website to verify if members are posting scores regularly.

The above is particularly important for major club competitions, and again this year, the committee pulled the list of all entrants into the Senior Club Championship, the Club Championship and the Derby. In each case we checked to see that all entrants into these competitions had been posting scores and that their handicap could be considered current. The few entrants found not to be in compliance with the established criteria of required postings were identified to the event organizers.


Another mandate of the committee is to communicate to the membership, items of clarification with respect to score posting or the “rules of handicapping”.

In 2023 we updated and distributed our series of communication pieces entitled “Did You Know” to assist the members with Handicap related topics. These pieces (along with other handicap related information) are also posted on the bulletin board in the hallway between the Pro Shop and the locker rooms as well as available on the Club Website, which is located in the News and Events area of the site.

In closing, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to Matt Hillhouse and Paul Clarke for their support and assistance to the committee this season.


Sleepy Hollow Handicap Committee



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